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Schedules & Events


Welcome parents to the 2017-18 school year at RH Dana ENF.  I hope all of you have had an enjoyable summer and are excited about our upcoming school year. We here at RH Dana ENF welcome all of our new students and parents and welcome the return of our continuing students.

We are excited about the upcoming year here at RH Dana ENF but need and welcome your participation and support to provide all of the excellent programs funded through membership in the RH Dana ENF PTA. Your membership and participation in PTA are paramount to your child's success, as the programs we support and implement at our monthly PTA meetings are funded through your generosity during our PTA fundraisers.  Attached you will find a sign-up sheet detailing the events we are providing this year. Please sign up to volunteer and join in the fun with our students at their events, or show your appreciation for our teachers and staff at the yearly breakfast and luncheon that we provide.


Once again we will be offering an iTunes membership incentive for all parents, grandparents, family members, caregivers, teachers and staff who join by Oct 1st that will benefit our teachers and students. If PTA membership for the entire class equals the number of students, the teacher will receive a 10.00  iTunes gift  card  for classroom use.  If membership for the entire class is double the number of students in the class, the teacher receives a 25.00 iTunes  gift card  for classroom use.


There are also a number of membership perks for your family to enjoy when you join the PTA as well. Please see the attached flyer from the California state PTA included in this packet. We also have a parent support group to further support you with specific concerns you may have with your children. Attached you will find a list of our PTA and parent support group meetings this year.


Your involvement in the PTA is so important and very much appreciated. With your 10.00 per person membership dues to join the RH Dana ENF PTA we are able to provide wonderful activities to enrich the lives of all our students and everyone involved. Don't forget to sign up each adult in your household and grandparents too. Please fill out the attached membership envelope and return with a check made payable to RH Dana ENF PTA, or cash to your child's teacher before Oct 1st. Please provide your email address if you would like to receive updates regarding PTA programs and other school information.




Kim Sheppard
RH Dana ENF PTA President




Our PTA meetings are held in the ENF Conference room,

usually on the first Friday of the month. starting at 8:45 am.

Come  and join the planning for activities and programs

that benefit the students of ENF.

The PTA Officers for the 2016-17 school year are:

President:                            Kim Sheppard

Vice President:                    Lindsay Kapp

Secretary:                            Minnie Hylton

Treasurer:                            Mike Freeman

Auditor:                                Carol Winkler

Historian:                             Diana Shwartz

Special Edu Council Rep:   Rachel Sutherland

Book Fair Chair:                  Debra Cipollone

Year Book Chair:                 Anu Mandalaparthy

Hospitality Chair:                 OPEN



Meetings 2016-17

RH Dana ENF  2016-17  PTA Meeting schedule

(Meetings are held in the conference room across from the office at 8:45 am)


Friday, September 9

Friday, October 7

Friday, November 4

Friday, December 9

Friday, January 13

Friday, February 3

Friday, March 3

Friday, April 14

Friday, May 5


I discovered over the years, that generally, the best advice I received to help my daughter move forward and to support me was from other parents.  So I wanted to create a place both online and in person that allows anyone the opportunity to share concerns or joys about their struggles in a casual and supportive environment.  We are here to help and support parents, caretakers and individuals with any disability.  Our group currently represents individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Angelmans, Autism, Microphthalmia, Sotos and other diagnoses.


Please email Rachel Sutherland at: to be added to the email list and/or if you have any questions. I distribute information about seminars, legislation and special events for special needs via this support group email as well.  You are not required to attend the meetings to receive the information emails. Please note that we are not a school or PTA sponsored group.  We are made up of a group of parents with children from preschool to high school who really love sharing information to give our children the best chance at a bright future and supporting each other along the way!